Sunday, December 30, 2012

Love, Hope, and Paying it Forward

With 2012 almost done, we take a deep sigh of relief as we leave behind a year seemingly rife with disasters, tragic events, and suffering endured by so many folks. So many lives have been turned inside out by the devastation from Super Storm Sandy hurricane, and many more have been rocked to our core by the horror and heartbreak of the Sandy Hook school shooting that devastated so many innocent lives and families.

We're all pained with these tragedies, but our spirits are uplifted by the heroic and courageous actions of those selfless people who spring into action even in the face of danger to help and aid those in need. Our hearts are also warmed when we see even more people mobilize to help the stricken provide any needed rescue assistance, donating food and blankets, volunteering with time, labor, provide shelter, medical help, as well as financial help to salvage and rebuild what was destroyed or damaged. These efforts save lives, rebuild homes, bring solace, and restore hope to those who need it.

So with the new year about to begin, we would like to start the year off in the most positive way possible. We at Berry Styles want to put smiles on little faces and fill their parents' and care givers' hearts with joy, warmth and hope with big thank yous from us. So we've decided to make our mission for 2013 a mission of love, hope and paying it forward.

It's simple really, spreading love, a little something to remember that doing good still exists in this world, making it a better place. We all need a little reminder that we do care for each other simply because we are all human beings with hearts, feelings, and emotions, living in a world full of machines, recordings and electronic buttons all around us.
That's when your role comes in. We need your help in letting us know who is that special someone you know that may be in need, or maybe not in need but makes you happy and you want to draw a smile on their face in return. It also could be someone who takes care of people around them all the time, and now it's time to give a little pat on on the back and say "Thank you". Those are just examples of many people in our lives that deserve a surprise package of kindness.

To suggest someone to be considered for receiving a surprise package, send us an email to with the following information:
The full name of the person, and the names of the kids (if possible).
The kids ages, & their possible shoe sizes (including their mother or caregiver shoe size)
The complete shipping address.
Please note that we will make every effort to give away as many packages of kindness as possible, but due to the number of requests we receive, we may not be able to cover them all this time. However, we will be keeping the lists to go over them in our coming surprise package of kindness events throughout the year.

Packages will start going out the first week of January 2013.
Happy New Year!


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